Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I'm home!

Yesterday,  I returned home and so happened to find Popo &  Gong gong downstairs with Ah Gong. What a crowd to welcome me home. So loved. So far, all is fine. I'm turning Mummy into an efficient milk machine. I latch every 3-4 hours, she pumps after every latch. Papa and Ah Mah change my diapers. Is that all to my life?

Mummy is still recovering from her cesarean wounds. During one of the feeds last night, she was too quick to get up to feed me and her wound hurt. So poor thing. 

Luckily she always feels better and happier to look at me and Papa. Papa is also so sweet. He baths Mummy gently with a sponge using the herbal bath and is there all the time for her. 

Alright, more updates tomorrow. 

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