Saturday, December 13, 2014

Olympia is 9 days old!

This is the 2nd Saturday with Olympia.
Last Saturday, we were still in Gleneagles.
Time flies.
Haha, I find that Olympia looks different everyday!

Throwback 1 (7 Dec, Sun)
Olympia's Godma Ni and family and some IJ Pals came to visit.
By last Saturday actually, I was already able to come down and walk around.
Olympia was also latching well (according to the lactation consultant).
Good progress!

Throwback 2 (11 Dec, Thu)
We took Olympia to her first PD visit (also at Gleneagles).
So sad!
Her jaundice was slightly high and she had to be check in to the 5 Star Beach Resort to suntan under the blue sun. 
Consolation at that point in time was that the PD did not suggest we rent the light home (which means she is almost definitely going home with us the next day).
I kind of teared knowing that she was not going home with us.
Since there was nothing we could do at the nursery, Laogong and I headed home.
Had a good day rest and prayed hard that Olympia is fine.
(60% of newborns will have jaundice of varying levels, I know it is common, but well, most of the mummies I spoke to understood why I teared! :) This is confirmed not hormonal!)

Throwback 3 (Just yesterday actually!)
The IJ Aunties (Daze said she is a Jie Jie) came to visit!
They trained Olympia so well!
She managed to sleep through with all the noise!
Jie Jie Daze carried Olympia for a long long while.
Must have been very comfortable and that was why she slept so long!
Thanks for the yummy cakes also!

Hehe, also, something small from the IJ Pals for Jan.
Congrats on your new home!

Back to today ... Or rather from last night ...
Olympia has been sleeping more than usual in between feeds.
She came home with 24 hours of formula milk from the hospital.
I chose to 'blame' it on the formula milk (I don't advocate anything) that she is sleeping more because the milk is more filling ... 
She also did not poop yesterday. Again I blame it on the milk (more heaty?!)
I asked the experts and they told me that jaundice babies sleep more. 
Instead of feeding on demand, today (and maybe tomorrow) I might have to feed her every 2-3 hours.
Hopefully back to latching and breastmilk, she will poop!
(MIL did say that she pooped one small tiny blop in the morning, like finally)
Hope to see more poo later! Haha.
I'm getting the hang of latch-pump(drama)-eat-sleep cycle.
Not as tired as in the hospital.
The confinement food is good (for the price I pay, it better be).
MIL, FIL and laogong has been helping out a lot.
I miss home actually (literally JB and Bedok).
Hope all is fine, it must be fine.
Praying hard.

One more of our lucky star!

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