Saturday, December 20, 2014

Olympia's Actual EDD - Dec 20

Dec 20:
Mummy said today is supposed to be my actual delivery date.
It doesn't matter anyway.
Look at me!
I'm glad to be out with Mummy and Papa.

Dec 19:
Yesterday was Mummy and Papa's 3rd wedding anniversary.
They told me that whenever they have a special day,
or when The Water Family has a special day,
it will rain.
It's our trademark.
It did!
Rained for quite a while yesterday.
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Mummy and Papa.
You two now have me to celebrate with you!
Yesterday morning, Popo also cooked super yummy noodles for Mummy and Papa.

Dec 18:
One of the many outfits that Mummy bought for me.
I'm a super girl!

Dec 17:
Mummy is very happy that not only she has gone back to pre-pregnancy weight,
she also has lost another 2 kg...
Papa also went with her to collect the keys to her new place.
Mummy and Papa are both very happy with the new place.
Hope they rent it out soon!
Any uncle / auntie / jie jie / kor kor is interested in the place?
Hurry, call my Mummy or Papa now!

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