Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Check out my new rocker...

Alright, I find that this photo of myself doesn't look like myself.
Well, but I think I still look good.
That is what Papa always say.
Papa was very hardworking in the wee hours.
Mummy told me that he actually fixed up my pink rocker once he unbox the delivery.
Thanks to all the Papa, Mummy, Uncles, Aunties and Godma Ni, 
I've duplicates of many items so that I can have them in our house, 
Yishun home and Bedok home.
I am so lucky.

Check out the pink version!

I'm so loving it!

Poor Mummy.
She is so bored at home.
I hope I am giving her enough rest!
She dressed up her TR35 and we took a selfie!

Till the next entry!
Bye all!

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