Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Two more days!!!

Hello my dear! 
See you in less than 48h time... 
And we'll start rocking! 
Let's be chill and happy okay... 
No need to worry about bm or fm... 
Of course Mummy already bought a good pump and supplements to try to get bm for you, but hey,  fm works fine too. 
So whatever it is, I'll definitely try for you,  wish Mummy luck. 
If insufficient, fm then. 
We're not going to be upset or anything. 
Have been hearing and reading a lot on fellow mummies sharing. 
I will not judge and must not be judged, so let's rock and roll! 
Kudos to all mummies who want the best for their babies. 
There is no fixed way or must be this way or that way because every mummy is different and every child is unique. 
Mummy's heading out for two more dates today before resting tomor ow. 
Can't wait to see you... 
Can't wait to recover totally... 
And we'll have lots fun. 
Yes, Mummy is always positive! 
Chill, baby, chill, 

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