Tuesday, December 2, 2014

3 Days to Olympia's Arrival

Hello Olympia, 
it's just another 3 days!
Mummy and Papa went on a date today.
It's like our last couple Mon-date?
We headed to Bt Indah's Daiso to stock up on the anti-fly/mozzie thingy.
Oppz, I think we swept every available piece off the shelves!
Had lunch at this yummy Thai restaurant.
The set meals were good and economical!
Drinks + Lunch + Dessert for 2 pax only cost us SGD10!
Mummy also sort of started some intensive indulge.
Yesterday had Teh-Ais and today had yoghurt.
If I don't have all these this week,
it will be another month's wait!

Papa just gave Mummy a yummy coconut!
I bet you are enjoying it also with all the kicking?
Nice and cooling!

Tomorrow we're taking your fur-bro, Charcoal, to the hotel for one week while we prepare for your arrival! We will miss him but I'm sure you will enjoy his company as you grow older also :)

When we adopted Charcoal, we only know his birth month to be December.
He shall have his own unique birthday, so, Dec 1 it shall be!
Happy birthday to you furry kor kor :)

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