Friday, January 23, 2015

Life with Ollie so far .. Has been great ...

Finally, after Laogong's super busy week
or should I say month, we manage to 
have breakfast together today.

It was a nice warm fuzzy feeling when
Laogong asked me what I wanted for
breakfast and before I could reply, he
asked if I wanted to go 大四喜 for
dim sum.
That was exactly what I had in mind!

Back home, Olympia fell asleep after Laogong 
went out and and she had her milk. 

It's then my me-time to get some housework done, 
work done, catch up on some drama, etc. 

Some activities this week.
Olympia and Josh (Jas and I) had our breakfast date
on Wednesday.
I didn't even know there is such a place call
East Village.
Breakfast was not bad but Jas and I didn't have 
enough caffeine and we headed for more :p

Yesterday, as usual, Laogong had his tourist 
students at Shangri-la.
Decided to head to town with him in the
morning, while he was in class, 
I went to grab a coffee with Olympia.
Nothing much for the day, slacked the day 
away ...

There is a new Sayed Bistro at Adda Ave
(my favourite coffee shop because they
always have chandeliers!)
and we decided to go there for dinner.
So far, we are enjoying our Parties of 3.
Olympia is a very good girl.
(And no, no pantang, some believe that 
we cannot praise babies, but no, 
if she is good, Praise!)


Ollie is now 7 weeks old!
It's been great spending time with her.
Haha. Really, most of the time, things
are doing great!
I always tell people who ask me how I am,
"I am a natural mummy!"
I may not be a best mummy
but I definitely try and give all my best 
to Ollie.
I just need to be the best for her.
Laogong has been helping out a lot despite 
his busy schedule.
Really looking forward to next week onward,
when he is not going to be as busy.
This year, I cut down my teaching hours by 
more than half.
I had to reject and turn down many students.
Of course, this also means that my shopping 
allowance is cut by half.
However, nothing can be more precious than
spending time and watching Ollie grow up.
Looking forward to more great days with 
Laogong and Ollie.

Happy 7th Week, my dear Olympia.

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