Friday, January 16, 2015

TGIF with Laogong & Ollie ...

Laogong has lots of additional classes these two weeks,
mainly the tourists, one after another.
Totally feeling tired for him.
I really miss mornings with him!
Basically, since the week after New Year's Day,
the tourists' lessons aka his OT started.
FINALLY, he didn't have or chose not to have 
additional classes today and we have family time!
Went to My Rail for breakfast (though we had dinner 
there last night).
MR DIY to grab some CNY and miscellaneous stuff.
Then we headed home to prepare for Olympia's
water experience #2.

1. Make sure she is fed.

2. Change her into her new costume.

3. Warm up.

And off we go!

She was absolutely tired after the swim!

So as not to waste the pool of water,
and the housechore-loving me,
I told Laogong to take over taking care of Ollie.

I decided to wash the car porch, clean up stuff, rinse some stuff, etc.

Extremely tired but love to see my house clean!

Took over from Laogong when he went off for his usual 
Friday lessons.

See how comfy she is!

Watched my drama series, did admin work for lessons tomorrow, 
did laundry, cooked dinner and now with Ollie in my arms again,
time to put her to bed!

Can't wait to start lessons tomorrow!

Hello Children (and teenagers-to-be), Teacher Summer is back!

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