Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Loving my new Tuesday

Slept in with Laogong and Ollie yesterday and today. Loving it. 
Yes, we can sleep in (except for the 5-10min of feeding at 6+). 
I fed and Laogong did a quick change of diaper and we continued sleeping. 
3 of us slept till 9+ before we head out to the market for our favourite chicken rice! 
It is an extremely hot day, thus, the holey holey outfit for Ollie. 
House-chores-fruitful-day for the house-chores-fanatic me. 
Two rounds of feeding Ollie and two rounds of nap (still napping now) is very useful for me. 
Thank you, Ollie. 
You are such a darling. 
Managed to do laundry. 
Managed to wash the sheets and put them back. 
Managed to wash the quilt (still I'm the dryer). 
Managed to clear off (read: throw) stuff from the storeroom and dining table (huge mass :p). 
Swept the car porch. 
Wiped some of my slippers. 
Cooked lunch. 
Very happy I am! 
Glad that at least I managed to fulfil part of one of my two ambition (teach: doing it still). 
The second one is to be a housewife! 
Tuesdays used to be a teaching day but now it's a home with Ollie day.
Anyway, shall blog about Ollie's swimming session yesterday and tomorrow's buffet lunch with some Dec2014 mummies in another post(s). 

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