Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ollie's 3rd Successful Swimming Session

To facilitate the heating of water, we bought a portable stove so that we can boil water (in the huge pot I used to boil herbs for my confinement) before the swim. 
As usual,  we have to make sure she is not sleepy,  well fed and warmed up. 
This time round, we let her float around with her neck float first. 
Then she seems to have the desire (haha,  we thought so!)  to want to remove the neck float, so we removed it and let her float around with a bit of support of course. 
She floated for quite a while, maybe because it was an all new experience! 
I think we'll wait till she is 3 months old before we let her go underwater. 
In the meantime, floating around is good enough of a water play / experience for her! 

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