Friday, February 13, 2015

Daily Blessings

Life definitely wasn't what it used to be.
Life definitely is getting better. 
It is such a blessing to wake up to Olympia sleeping beside us. 
It is such a blessing to be breathing healthily. 
It is such a blessing to have my family members supporting me. 
It is such a blessing that we have lots more blessings being showered upon us all the time. 
It's 2.33am. 
10 years ago, I might be out clubbing with Bb Ni, even on a weekday night. 
5 years ago, I might be watching a movie with laogong. 
Last year, I might still be cleaning the house in the middle of the night before Cny.
And now, I'm Ollie's mummy watching her (and laogong) sleep. 
Again,  I'm thankful and blessed that (oh, did I hear Ollie snore while I type?!)  Ollie is growing well and life with her has been fun and meaningful so far. 
I know some might tell me that now is the easiest because she only sleeps, eats and cries. 
I'm enjoying every moment and ready to take on any challenges with her.
I had a SAHM job offer. Haha. 
I decided to reject it for now. 
Will reconsider the option again if necessary. 
With a 14h-work-week, the break away from parenting is doing me good. 
Will keep to that for awhile. 
Till then, back to gazing at Ollie as I doze off to bed. 

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