Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It was a great Monday!
We left the house early (9am instead of 10+) for breakfast (where else but Tea Garden - Laogong's favourite for now) so that we can be the first to queue at the car polishing place.
Who knows, we reached Jusco at 9.40am and we were sixth in queue!
Still, we didn't manage to polish the car there because we were not members with Carz.
Off we went to run errands and shop a bit.
A couple of times previously when we were at Jusco, Olympia was in the stroller.
This time round, Laogong was carrying her and we managed to take our wefie!
Bought whatever we wanted and drove over to Tesco.
Finally managed to get our car polished there.
Shopped around and had lunch at Starbucks.
Sad that our favourite Duck Fettuccine was not available.
Went back home and 'helped' the part time cleaners with the house.
Trashed away two big bags of rubbish.
Finally the house is quite tidied.
They didn't managed the car porch (Cny, same price, fewer hours - and they keep asking me to top up for additional hours) so Laogong volunteer to wash it on Wednesday.
Happy with the clean house.
Thankful for the dinner with our taman's friends.
Came back, bathed Olympia, put her to bed.
Laogong also fell asleep with her.
Fed Charcoal.
Did laundry.
Finally, I had time to make a coffee and do some admin for Laogong.
It's 3.51am now.
Did quite a bit of work.
Wondering if Olympia will wake up soon so that I can breastfeed her (doesn't look like).
I shall do some pumping because I'm tired also and I can't wait anymore.
Guess she will wake up at 7am...
Have a great day, everyone!

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