Monday, February 23, 2015

Olympia's 1st Visit to the Orphanage

After all the festivities, it's time to return to the society. Other than the Children's Homes we go to in Thailand & in Singapore, we decided to visit one in Malaysia to help them as well.

This one is just a 15 minutes drive away from home. Not knowing what they need yet, we packed the new and unworn diapers (Ollie cannot fit in those newborn and small size diapers anymore). They have three babies (youngest is one month old) and the diapers will be handy. They have 50 over children and the oldest is 17. Found out what they need and we will return to deliver the items maybe within the next two weeks.

I hope Ollie will learn to be kind to others and give more than she receives / will receive.


After the good deed, we also had a good lunch! Packed and extremely warm! Luckily she managed to stay good and quiet in the carrier. I love babywearing. The closeness with Ollie is priceless. Haha. Laogong & I are always fighting to babywear Ollie.

Pleasant Monday we had!

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