Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

This is the first CNY with Ollie and of course,
a new baby in the house is always everyone's favourite.
It was an easy time because everyone wanted to carry her!
We didn't even bring the baby seat or carrier around
when we went for visitation.

Had our reunion dinner and decided to bring Olympia
to River Hong Bao.
It was also my first time!
I never like crowd or places that I know will be very warm.
Well, I did enjoy the night with my little family.

Lucky Ollie has many sets of new clothes,
thanks to all my lovely friends and parents 
of my students.
She changed an average of two to three
sets a day and well, still has new dresses
to change into!
As usual, visited Laogong's side and my side.
The most tiring day!

We stayed home in the day and had friends over.
In the evening, we went over to our neighbour's
place for a BBQ.
Great day it was!

We had friends over as well as the annual lion dance!
Friends will know our love for lion dance.
We had to have it!
Relaxing evening for the day and well,
CNY is sort of nuff' said for us.
Chill and relax for the rest of the day.

Life is back to usual!
Had brunch at our favourite Tea Garden and we
slack the afternoon away.
Not so much of a slacking day for Ollie.
She had her weekly swim.
Love to see her kicking happily.
It must have been quite a workout for her.
We headed to Jusco for early dinner and shopping.
She was snoozing happily in the carrier from 4+ to about 8pm.
Back home, fed her and changed her and she is still snoozing 
as I type this post.

I love CNY with the family and even more so now,
with the new addition.
And that leads me to the special Devilz Family Collage.
Haha, it seems to be a year where the whatsapp is slightly
more active on CNY (even our super busy Bucky replies!)

Hope everyone is having a great CNY and 
definitely going to have a great year ahead!

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