Friday, April 17, 2015

Dear Mummy...

Dear Mummy, 

If I don't grow up, can you don't grow old? 
This sounds so ridiculous, I know. 
I think no matter how prepared we are, 
the fear of losing you is too real and too close.
One can never be ready. 
I know life must go on and we must fight on. 
I hope that you are not suffering too much now.
It is very painful to see you losing weight and getting skinnier day by day from two years ago. 
We thought you will win the battle, 
we still hope so.
Life is full of miracles, isn't it? 
When I carry Olympia in my arms, 
I recall those days I was in yours. 
You are the best mummy ever, ever. 

Lots love,

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