Monday, April 13, 2015

Our Typical Blessed Day...

Normally, Ollie will wake up between 7.30am - 8.30am.
I will then feed her in bed and go back to sleep together with her.
Today all of us slept in till 10+,
what a great way to start the day :p
Washed up, put her in the car seat and we headed out for breakfast. 
Qing Ming came and left.
Rainy days too.
The sun is shining so brightly!

Back home, while Laogong was washing the car porch, 
Ollie had her tummy time and I chose to go through colours 
with her today.
Hehe, have to tell her that Papa and Mummy both love Red!
And Mummy loves pink too.

(With Ollie flipping like a roti prata now, 
eyes must be her all the time!)

She swims about 4 times a week and 
Monday is usually one of the days.
Used the actually dysfunctional Brestfriend Nursing Pillow
as a support for her.
As usual, while waiting for the water to fill up 
the inflatable pool,she will be unhappy.
We must teach this hot babe some patience!

Today's lesson was about having a streamline body.
Ollie outgrew two of her sweet swimming costume,
and since it is at home, we just let her out on those
reusable swim diapers, without a top.
I think I want to get her a set of bikini!

Settled her for a nap after her shower and it's some me/we time!
Thai Ice Tea to go with my drama episodes.

Will wait for her to be awake before we head out for some
shopping and then dinner.

Ollie usually has her bed time from 9pm - 10pm.
Quite late I know some mummies may say, 
but well, different family different lifestyle :)

Grow well, Ollie, grow!

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