Monday, May 4, 2015

Ollie Is Turning 5 Months!

Ollie will be exactly 5 months tomorrow! 
We took her to the zoo today. 
The weather was great. 
Not too hot. 
I did my preparation work, of course. 
Cooling gel pillow. 
Cooling gel pack. 
Ice blocks to keep them cool. 
Cold drinks & fruits for us. 
Two fans. 
Two power banks. 
Haha. RAMS done. 
I know it's kind of early to bring Ollie to the zoo. 
Well, I need to keep myself updated with the place 
to prepare colouring activities and plan worksheets. 
It's not easy to homeschool but I know I can. 
Next learning journey will be this weekend, 
we're off to BKK again!

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