Monday, May 11, 2015

My First & Mummy's Last...

Mummy passed away peacefully at 8.30pm last night. 
I was trying to book a ticket back from Bangkok, but didn't manage to do it. 
The next possible flight is in 2h time and I've just checked in. 
Last week, Papa told me that we must not cry. 
We must let Mummy not have anything to hold her back. 
That day, I also realised he took down their wedding photo in the room. 
It is sometimes scary to see Papa so strong, too strong. 
Maybe learnings from our faith help. 
As I sit waiting for our flight, I only want to remember her smiles. 
On Friday, she said Goodnight and Bye Bye to Ollie, smiling. 
Happy Mothers' Day, Mummy. 

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