Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thank You

Dear family & friends, 

Thank you for keeping my family and me in your thoughts and prayers. Mum was cremated this morning. It was a tearful send off but we all understood that mum is now pain-free and in a better place. We were all told not to cry, so that mum 可以放下一切,一路好走. It really wasn't possible. Mum has been my extraordinary mum, an excellent wife, the best grandma, a righteous policewoman turned fantastic beautician who ran the most sincere and honest business, a staunch Buddhist who devoted the past eight years or so of her life to offer herself to help as much as she can, a great sister, auntie and friend, etc. She is our pride and always will be. We decided to keep the funeral low profile and did not publish an obituary. Apologies, if there were friends and customers from the business that we did not inform about Mum's passing. Thank you for understanding our decision. Something very true said by the monk today was about us feeling sad because we thought we had too short a time with mummy (or our loved ones). However, who or what defines a short and long period? What is consider a short or a long time? Every moment is precious and important. I'm glad I'm my mum's daughter. I'll continue to live like how you did, help like how you did and leave footprints in many people's lives. We are strong and must be strong because we know you want us to be. We will not grieve but celebrate your life and live on strong, real strong. 

RIP, Mummy.

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