Friday, October 16, 2015

A Typical Day At Home (but Mama woke up late!)

Just because Mama woke up early yesterday, 
she woke up late this morning!
10.30 a.m.!
No more such things please, Mama.
Luckily nowadays, I know how to go to Mama 
and obtain fresh milk on my own.
Also luckily Mama had an idea what to cook 
this morning already.
She rushed down to the kitchen... no, wait...
I think she sauntered down, I didn't hear
rushed footsteps.
Whatever, I got my breakfast.
She decided to give me her improved version 
of steamed egg again.
Less broccoli.
Added pork.
More water.
Yes, I ate most of them.
It was definitely much better than the previous meal.
She also headed to bed last night with the 
ingredients all in the breadmaker.
She set the delayed timer so the bread was 
still warm when she cut them for Papa and herself.
I also had yoghurt for dessert.
Finally, after settling my meal, she sat down 
for her coffee and started planning for my lunch.
Papa and Mama took me up for water play
and then it was nap time!
Papa napped too!
Mama cleaned up the room and kitchen a abit.
Decided to give Mama more time,
I napped for about two hours!
Good girl, right!
I can smell porridge cooking now!
I overheard Papa and Mama calling
锅妈 to make reservation for early dinner.
They have been craving for the 麻辣锅and卤肉饭
since they had them on Monday.
Seems like I'm going to smell of 麻辣锅again today.
Looking out of the window, I guess I can't head 
to the pool again. Hazy, hazy.
Shall make Mama read to me the new set of Clifford's books!

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