Friday, October 16, 2015

Spoilt Mama...

I am Xiaoxin,
Ollie's Mama.
Dear Ollie,
You have a spoilt Mama.
Blessed she is to be spoilt by all the loved ones around her.
Now she is also spoiling you.
I was telling Laogong about how 
we have given Ollie the best that we can.
How can we then ensure she has the best in future too?
Precisely, we cannot. 
In future, she has to do it on her own.
Which is why now, I give her all the best.
I spoil her.
She gets what she wants.
She gets whatever I (we) think I (we) want to give her.
Penguin Papa and Mummy gave Boy and I the best too.
They are the best and that is how much
I want to give Ollie.
That is how much I want to be for Ollie.
The best.
Of course, the best that will be given
will definitely be complemented with
teaching her how to grow up from a girl to
a woman of grace and substance.
(Other than great memories and great friendships,
the very meaningful vision from CHIJ will always
be in my mind)

Every time I think about Mummy, it is rather emotional.
The first five months of the year, or rather actually, 
till now, it is constantly an emotional roller coaster. 
Just that the first five months, it is even more emotionally
 and physically tiring. 
Ollie has been and I'm sure will continue to be a fantastic baby. 
MIL has been very helpful also. 
Ollie allows us a lot of sleep, compared to many other parents. 
She sleeps well, drinks well, eats well, grows well, shops well, plays well 
(but well, sometimes, I find her overwhelming, 
or maybe just a little bit like me - 大姐大wannabe). 
This might also be because of her Leo Mama and Leo Popo. 
Mummy and I are both Leos. Very strong Leos. 
Leos who do as much as we can for our family, 
Leos who lead a life as glamorous and fine as we want. 
Much as Ollie is not a Leo (now now, what is she? I better check it up), 
she displays strong characteristics like Mummy and me.

Everyday, I look at Ollie, Laogong looks at Ollie, and we go, 
"Very cute hor. Very clever hor." 
Note, those are statements, not questions. 
I'm sure all parents feel the same way. 
My child is da best! 

Watching Ollie turn, flip, crawl, stand and now, almost cruising, 
is quite emotional too. 
This little champion who was doing the same in my womb last year 
is now doing all these right in front of me! 
Soon, Ollie will be One.

I will continue to spoil her.
Giving her the best,
being the best I can for her.

PS1: Verbal vomit. I didn't draft. I didn't edit. 
Simply typed all these out.
Which kind of explain the flow, or rather no flow of words.

PS2: Ollie is not having a Onederful Party.
She is not able to tell me who she wants to invite
or what will be the the theme she desires.
Till she can verbalise what she wants 
(and yes, she gets whatever she wants),
there is no party.
I predict we will have one when she is 3 or 4.

PS3: If you're still reading, you're good!
Haha, I seldom do a verbal vomit.
(but I'm in the mood today, two entries!)
I doubt Laogong will read till here too!


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