Monday, October 5, 2015

Bread #04 (Gula Melaka Bread)

Mama made bread again.
I was very tired after 90 minutes of Gymboree today.
Papa was very tired after coaching for the whole day.
Papa and  I fell asleep together.
Mama decided to bake and sew.
Auntie Jiayi passed some Gula Melaka Syrup to Mama today.
After not baking for a few days,
(we have been very busy)
Mama was very worried that about not meeting the 80 loaves quota.
Auntie Germ is going fast and furious with her number of loaves!
Anyway, Mama thinks that she is an expert already.
She anyhow!
She anyhow decided on this bread and anyhow poured the ingredients in.
She didn't use the weighing scale or cups.
Oh, wait, she did.
She did use the cups.
The bread didn't rise as much as usual.
She was very very worried!
Auntie Joy reminded her that,
"Most important is the taste."
Mama didn't even allowed it to cool down.
She was sewing (a new top for me) when she dashed down to the
kitchen upon hearing the, "Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, etc!"
She cut it up immediately!
The GM bread is soft as usual but it just didn't rise as much and
it just didn't look as pretty as usual.
Something must be wrong.
Auntie Lynn, HELP!
The GM taste is not overwhelming and there is a tinge
of 發糕 taste.
Huat ah!
The bread waiting game is over.
I guess she is not going to continue with the 
sewing of my top.
Well, she does need to catch up on her sleep.
Papa and Mama is going to take me out later!
Good night!

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