Monday, October 5, 2015

Ollie is 10 months young!

Was trying to make Ollie look at the camera today,
but decided it wasn't necessary,
Sometimes we try too hard to capture the moment,
we forgot to enjoy the moment.
So, presenting, Ollie at her most natural! :)
What exactly is it with time?
It is flying past far too fast!
One year ago, 
Mama was just starting to wash my new clothes!
Today, I am 10 months young!
This morning, Mama took me shopping.
I love it!
After Papa had finished with his lesson,
he took us to Harbourfront.
Gymboree was closed for some change in setting.
We will head back tomorrow.
Papa then drove us to Gardens by the Bay.
We had lunch at Hillstreet Cafe before making a dash
into the Flower Dome!
The haze was quite bad today.

Mid Autumn bloomed with a celebration of chrysanthemums.
We missed the lantern displays but well,
we got to see the flowers!

Mama says maybe I can look into Bollywood.
There is this affinity between tourists from India and I.
They have approached me many times to request
for a photo today.
This time round, Mama remembered to take a picture 

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