Sunday, October 18, 2015

Great Day!

I'm sure I did Mama proud today! 
Two solo drives and she did it! 
No, I think I did it! 
I didn't cry. 
I didn't whine. 
I just ate my (many, many)  puffs. 
I just drank from my water bottle. 
I just watched the videos. 
I just enjoy the scenery. 
Mama is happy! 
She is thrilled! 
Before that, Mama and Kakak also took me to Giggles to meet Scarlett and Arissa. 
Giggles is so much more fun than Gymboree. 
I told Mama, no more Gymboree! 
Meixian Jie Jie and Shaun Kor Kor also came to pass Mama and Auntie Sennett things. 
Well, I'm heading to dinner with Papa and Mama now.
I'm sure it's a great day for them, no meltdown from me!

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