Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 4 in Hospital

Dengue Fever is not totally out of the system yet. Ollie is not home just yet, but soon I'm sure. Our champion is fighting on and fighting strong. She is enjoying her food today even more. Haha. I finally ordered the correct thing! Thank you to everyone who have been showing your care and concern. In the midst of fighting this battle with Ollie, I've decided and is learning to be thankful and not bitter about this whole incident. Because we have everything in abundance to fight this battle and because we have a strong fighter baby fighting on. Thankful that whatever resources is needed, we have! Grateful that whatever willpower and determination we need, we have! Thankful and grateful, because everything happens for a reason, and we're made stronger because of everything. Fight on, Ollie, Papa and Mama and everyone else is with you! 

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