Wednesday, January 20, 2016

You are Best of The Best!

Dear Ollie, 
You are Best of The Best!
I know every parent says and feels 
that their child is the best.
So do I.
But really, you are the best, haha!
Only 13 months young and you have gone through chicken pox
and dengue fever, you are really a real fighter!
Papa and Mama and everyone else are so proud of you!
Good job, Ollie!
We did it!
Welcome home!
It has been 6 very heartbreaking days in hospital.
I know you look all fine and active as usual,
but the blood tests and medicine feeding times were very painful.
Your cries pierced through our hearts.
Every hour, when the nurses came in to take your temperature,
I pray hard, very hard.
The first 4 days were very painful whenever your fever spiked.
Every time the doctor said, "Let's monitor,"
my heart stopped for a split second.
And now, I'm almost tearing again.
Welcome home, Ollie, welcome home.
I want to roll on the huge beds with you everyday.
Play with you everyday.
Enjoy every second of my life with you everyday.
Because now, you are my life and life is you.

On a side note, fight on Dorian!
Fight on children and everyone who are unwell.
Do not give up on life!