Saturday, January 16, 2016

Getting better but we must be totally well!

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for the abundance of messages and comments to check on Ollie. Thank you for all the new toys for her and all the yummy food and company  for us. We feel so loved and grateful. 
Anyway, it is true, so true, fever peaks at night! The highest peaking to 39.7 degree Celsius last night, slightly past midnight. The pd was called and a stronger dose of med was given. Thankfully the temperature came down through the day but still hovering between 37+ to 38+ degree Celsius. Now that the platelets are going up, dear fever, please go away, please! 
I hope Ollie will be real soon and we can go home sweet home. It is very sad to see her these two days. Yes, much as she looks her usual self and all, but knowing she is not well and worrying that her fever will persist, I cannot help but start tearing when I'm alone with her. No matter how chill a mum I am, the pain of watching one's child being unwell is indescribable. 
Get well soon, my dear champion Ollie. 

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