Friday, January 15, 2016

Dengue Fever

Finally settled and put Ollie to bed. Trying to dream feed quite a bit also, to hydrate her and hopefully keeps her temperature down. Thank you very much for the overwhelming care and concern,everyone. 
It was a very emotionally and physically draining day. At midnight (14/1), Ollie's fever peaked, almost hitting 40 degree Celsius. We decided to go to A&E. The doctor posed two possibilities - dengue or UTI. The blood test results clearly showed that it was dengue. Her platelets were low. 
There was no available bed and Ollie only got admitted at about 10am. Very heartbreaking morning, especially with yet another blood test and the insertion of the IV drip tubes. While she cried and almost screamed the hospital down, I cried too. Too painful to just hear it. We were not allowed in the procedure room. It was also nerve wrecking to wait for the results but we're glad that the platelets are going up. Now,  hopefully the temperature will come down too. 
Ollie is doing well. She is active, eating well and drinking well. 
Get well real soon, my champion, you can do it! 

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