Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ollie & Daelia's Playdate

Change of environment today! 
We headed down to Bt Timah Shopping Centre. 
Nice to have Laogong with us these two days. 
Scarlett and Mummy didn't manage to meet us today. 
We had fun with Daelia and Mummy. 
One Thing Coffee has their own (small)  indoor playground. 
We paid Sgd12 for an hour of play. 
Not too expensive but we have to get used to paying to play now that they are all one year old. 
(previously it was free when under one)
The coffee was normal. 
Bingsu not bad.
They didn't allow us to bring outside food so we shifted out to a table near the entrance. 
I went over to the nearby Korean restaurant to takeaway wings. 
Expensive wings. Sgd19 for 4 pieces (or was it fewer). 
Yummy though, nicer than 4fingers. 
Didn't feel thirsty after that. 
Great day! 
Play is always fun! 

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