Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ollie's First Real Fever

The title says it all.
The previous time when she was slightly feverish, 
it went off before we had time to get worried.
This time round, it is the real thing.
Last night, past midnight, I was going to sayang her 
before I head to bed, and I felt her warm forehead.
Took her temperature, fed her paracetamol.
Ended up, she woke up to play!
(That being said, being active is good ya!)
She then slept and this morning we had breakfast as usual.
She was still looking flushed.
Took her temperature again in the afternoon, 
it was actually between 37-37.8 degree celsius.
She took her bath, we sponged her, 
she was her usual active self.
When I babywear her around the house,
she insisted on carrying her handbag around!
Ollie really loves handbags!
(PS: I have no choice, Laogong, I have to keep buying,
so that I can pass them on to Ollie)
(We actually have some dates today and tomorrow, 
but we couldn't make it for them now.)
She ate and her appetite was good as usual.
In the night at 8plus, her temperature went up to 38 degree celsius!
Why like that!
Anyway, she is sleeping soundly now.
I hope the fever goes away soon!
The Papa actually rearranged his classes to stay home with us.
Also to all our friends and family,
thank you very much for your care and concern.
Very much appreciated!
Ollie will be well real soon!

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