Thursday, February 25, 2016

Now-a-mornings With Ollie...

Ollie will typically wake up between 8.30 to 10.30 in the morning. 
We really can't determine when will it be an 8.30 and when will it be a 10.30.
It's always pure luck. 
However, it seems that she will always wake up early when we want to sleep in and wake up late when we are hungry in the morning! 
Basically, once she is awake, she will play in the room and upon feeling hungry, she will start to disturb us. 
Recently, she started with her morning exercise with her walker. 
Exercising and disturbing Charcoal at the same time is her morning goal! 
Breakfast is sometimes homecooked /baked at home, sometimes outside. 
Ollie eats most stuff nowadays except for oily and super u healthy stuff. 
She eats out, yes. 
Our preference :) 
Once done with breakfast, it's more playing before her first nap. 
That's about her morning for now...
Current homeschool / unschool goal: PLAY! 

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