Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It was a great day as usual.
By the time Ollie and I woke up, 
Laogong had already completed the praying rituals.
We got ready for the lion dance troupe to arrive.
To prepare Ollie for this lion dance,
let her watch some videos the previous night.
(Last year, she slept through the lion dance!).
She enjoyed the performance!
We headed out for lunch and had our final CNY 2016's yusheng.
Ollie had her favourite udon and chawanmushi.
The shopaholic also shopped and went to the arcade.
Mondays are precious because Laogong gets to
spend the whole day with her.
The rest of the weekdays, usually about half the day only.
We had ice cream at a new cafe.
Something innovative but well,
the ice cream didn't entice us to want to go back next time.
Laogong's flower bloomed again! Yeah!
Ollie and her new favourite toy, taking a walk
down the road, visiting and saying hi to the neighbours.
Dinner was at 锅妈!
Dear Mummy,
CNY is definitely different without you.
Life is different without you.
We miss you and love you lots.
We are going to continue living our lives well,
in your name.

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