Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Paris Day 3 (7 Feb)

We love staying at Robert's place. 
His place is not too far off from tourist attractions and yet not too near the buzz. 
After breakfast,  we strolled down again to River Seine and then to the Lourve. 
It was the first Sunday of the month and the museum does not charge. 
However, the queue was horrendous! 
We made our way to the back but was surprised to see a security officer leading another family off from the queue. 
We asked and we followed! 
There was a separate queue for families with young ones and strollers! 
Immediate access! 
Thanks to Ollie, haha. 
Before we left, we encountered the infamous petition ladies. 
One on Laogong's side and one on mine, both armed with clipboard and pen. Laogong saw the one on his side with her hand coming towards the diaper bag (no valuables) and I found the other one too close for comfort. 
Ollie was in the tula. 
Whatever they want to do, don't come near my Ollie. 
I screamed, "OUCH!" into the ear of the one on my side and scared them both (and some other people I think). 
Actually, nothing happened, I just wanted to scare them off and didn't want them to touch my Ollie. 
So... We fend them off! Yay! 
Of course, we won't let our guard down! 
Still will be conscious for the time we're here!

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