Saturday, February 13, 2016

Paris Day 4 (8 Feb)

The trip to DisneyLand was slightly rainy.
Nonetheless, we had great fun and it was most precious
to see the smiles and hear the laughter of Ollie.
Nothing matters more than that.
(Really la, Birkins and whatever orange boxes aside, 

That day, was the first time Ollie got to experience rides.
After watching so many episodes of Mickey Mouse,
she was really excited to see Mickey in real life!
The priceless expression of hers when we were in the queue
to take a photo with Mickey was totally unforgettable.

She didn't get to go on many rides,
but every ride that she got to go, 
made her so happy!
I think she especially love 
It's A Small World.
She smiles and dances along when I play the song
after the ride.

Laogong was very happy too.
He is a great Disney fan.
To be able to bring Ollie and me to Disney Land,
he is definitely very happy.

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