Monday, February 15, 2016

Paris Day 6 (10 Feb)

Early morning, we decided to take the train down to Champ Elysees
to do more shopping instead of taking a stroll.
After five days of strolling everywhere in Paris,
well, I am tired!
It was a fast ride and we got there in about 15 minutes.

Shopped away happily and purchased the final orange box of the trip
and we spotted quite a few fast cars parked along the road.
Some kind of service for people to experience driving them.
We headed to the Mercedes store to look at some cars too.

A day of triumph when it comes to shopping!
We strolled a bit around Champ Elysees and 
headed back to the apartment to put down all the shopping bags.

We headed down to Le Luxembourg for happy hour 
and dinner again.
The escargots and creme brulee were absolutely yummy!
Well, we also like their service.
(absolutely a fan of good service)

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