Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Paris Day 7 (11 Feb)

We got ready to go back home!
Final bit of shopping for Ollie,
she picked a Hello Kitty.

After slightly more than 5 hours of flight from 
Paris to Doha, it was a good break at the airport lounge.
We ate yummy food and Ollie had a bit of time to walk 
and crawl around.
The food was slightly unusual, I guess to suit the 
taste bud of the locals.

The papa and daughter played with ice to pass time!
Luckily I had a spare top for Ollie to change.

The last 7 hours of flight, Ollie slept on my lap throughout.
We had the bassinet of course but, every time the seat belt 
sign came on, we had to remove her from the bassinet.
I decided to just carry her.
7 whole hours!
I had a backache for the day but well,
Ollie is the most important!

This Paris trip was as like any other trip we took, 
a fabulous one! 
It was blissful to see Ollie so happy at Disney Land.
It was joyous to shop at the Mothership of Hermes.
It was pure happiness to discuss Hermes with Laogong, 
a new convert.
It was lovely to stroll down the different tourist attractions.
We didn't take as much photos as we used to do 
because it was very cold!
Memories are well kept in the mind and in the heart.

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