Sunday, February 21, 2016

Road Situation - 人间有温情

On rainy Friday, we headed home after dinner at Mustafa Centre. Suddenly, I heard a thud a motorcyclist fell on the right of our car causing the dent. The huge cement mixer beside us also stopped. Everything happened too suddenly. It turned out that the left front wheel of the cement mixer hit the motorcyclist causing him to fall. Laogong was stuck and couldn't get down to help the motorcyclist because the motorcycle was obstructing our door. We heard the argument outside. Laogong offered to be a witness for the motorcyclist. However, my main point is, the kind uncle after scolding the China nationality driver (FACT, not discrimination) (at that point in time, sure angry and scare), he told him to go and told us, "Hiya, from China, also poor thing. Come so far to work. How to ask for compensation?" There is so much kindness, empathy and compassion coming from the uncle. He still has to see a doctor for his fall and pain but he let the driver go without even taking down his identification details. Well, one dent, no big deal, just a car. 


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