Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello Kitty @ ONE KM

Last Thursday, Ollie & Scarlett had their BFF date at ONE KM, 
together with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters!
They had so much fun dancing to the music.
It's interesting (and amazing) to see how fast
they are growing.
Last year, when we went to the Mickey & Minnie show, 
all they did were sit on our laps.
This time round, they got up on their own,
clapped their hands and danced along.
As usual, we dressed them up in twinnies attire.
The mummies decided to dress up in same colours as well!
And we spotted Shela dressed in mother-daughter outfits 
with Kella and Deon as well!
It is so much fun to have a friend with a daughter 
so close to the age of my own daughter.
Always a fun day to with our party-of-4!

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