Thursday, March 24, 2016

Short Trip to Bangkok

Hello to our 3rd home again!
Barely three months and we're back!
Ollie is a rather seasoned traveller and she is 
always so at ease at the airport!
Shops her way around!
Didn't manage to have dinner with Nui in BKK but 
at least we had breakfast together at the airport!
It was very hot in BKK and we didn't join 
Laogong for his lessons at the pool.
Ollie and I gallivanted around in the air-conditioned malls!
When Laogong joined us, he and Ollie had so much fun at the 
indoor (free) playground.
Central World is always out favouite mall.
It has everything Ollie likes.
MK. Large toy department. Indoor play areas.
Laogong always love the cruise dinner and so,
he had to take Ollie there for dinner!
And we love this particular cruise because it is catered 
more for the Thais.
Yes, we don't really fancy the touristy type.
Ollie enjoyed herself, I'm sure!
Clapping to the live band singing Thai ballads, 
enjoying the food,
feeling the cool wind,
Looking forward to going back to our 3rd home soon,
and of course to the HK trip next week!

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