Saturday, April 9, 2016

BFFs Date at Pororo Park

Finally spending a full month of April back in SG / MY.
We miss home so much!
Back to all the mummy-dates and playdates!
First BFFs date of the month for the two kiddos at Pororo Park.
Very expensive entrance fee ($24.50 since they are below 2) I find, 
but well, what to to!
Now that they are older, they can play everything!
Previously, they could only enjoy themselves at the baby-corner.
They managed to play in every section now!
This also meant that the mummies were very tired.
We had to follow them everywhere.
We had to climb with them everywhere!

Didn't manage to take pictures of them during show time
and on the train.
Ollie sat on the train independently once, 
attempted to go back but refused to get on.
I guess this is the same theory as those rides.
She wants to sit on the rides but doesn't want us 
to slot in money (she wants it stationary).
Very tiring day for all of us, good workout, 
and well, totally worth it to see their joy and to see them have fun!
The yummy ice-cream and dinner with the papas made the day extra fun!

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