Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On the Day I Die ...

On the Day I Die,
I must not have and will not have regrets.

Came across a friend's blog and she shared this article
from John Pavlovitz and I totally love this article.
Also because I have been thinking a lot about mummy,
especially so this 清明 period as well as,
it will be Mother's Day soon.
It was very painful then, but no, 
I'm filled with love for Mummy and wonderful memories,
even when I tear and cry when I think of her,
they are of joy and gratitude,
because, simply because,
She is my mummy and I am her daughter.
Nothing changes that, not even death.
From the blog post, I really like:
"while I am still alive I’ll try to remember that my time with them is finite and fleeting and so very precious—and I’ll do my best not to waste a second of it."
and also 
"Don’t let your life be stolen every day by all that you believe matters, because on the day you die, much of it simply won’t."

Life is too precious and fragile.
Over the months since Mummy's passing,
I have heard about so many deaths,
of people I know personally and of strangers.
I've always been positive and I shall be even more
after reading the blog post.
I really do not have time to worry or to predict negativity.
Every breathing moment is precious and 
I must live my life to the fullest.
After having read the book, 'Me Before You',
and now reading the post,

because ...
"Yes, you and I will die one day.
But before that day comes: let us live."

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