Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Mummy ...

We decided to visit you at your niche today.
It was heartwarming to see Ollie clean your photo 
with her tiny chubby fingers.
It was peaceful for us all to walk out with no tears in our eyes.
We didn't forget about you.
The love is not reduced.
You are still very much in your hearts.
We just chose to keep your precious memories in the best way.
We just chose to lead our lives strong with your good spirit.
We headed to i12 for early dinner.
We miss you of course.
We definitely would want you to be there with us
but we know there is no point living our lives with our heavy hearts.
You are at where you should be already.
Mothers' Day is nearing.
Mothers' Day will never be the same because
you left us on that day
Mothers' Day will always be celebrated in your name
in our household.
Miss you lots, Mummy.

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