Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thank you for loving Mama

After the River Safari date with her BFF, Ollie fell asleep in her car seat, even before we exit from the carpark. By the time we parked the car at home, I thought I'm in luck! She might sleep through, but no, she woke up. I've a dinner date at 2030 with Nui and V and i thought I'll try to put Ollie to bed again at 1930 but to no avail. Usually she plays quite a bit on Fridays knowing she can sleep late but oh but, she started crying, no, bawling for me at 2240. We quickly got the bill and I almost ran all the way to the carpark until laogong texted and said she finally fell asleep after all the screaming and crying. 
I latch Ollie to sleep every night. I'm with her almost all the time too. It's kind of heartwrenching to see her cry like that (laogong video called me) but at the same time, I feel so wanted, needed and loved by my daughter. Mothers will understand how I feel. 
After today, I'll try to spend even more time and stick even closer to her. (Haha, I'm the high needs mum, not her the high needs child). One day, she will simply not want all these from me so why would I want to let go or try to train her to let go. When it happens, it happens. The same for latching / breastfeeding her. Because I can so I keep doing it, till she self-weans. I'm definitely not going to stop her. Lots of people give lots of comments for all sorts of things all the time. Thank you. I heard you but, I do what I like. Dear Ollie, thank you for loving Mama. Dear Mummy, I should be doing things quite right ya:) 

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