Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fantastic Friday!

Great day we had! Early morning, then again, not that early, I knew I saw the time 1047h when I opened my eyes. May from HOPE gave me several missed calls. I quickly called her back and she arrived shortly to take Pill away for vaccination and adoption. Thanks for staying with us for the past week, Pill. We're sorry we cannot give you a forever home. Several issues we looked into before we made our decision. We hope you had a good week with us and Charcoal. May you be loved in your new home. 

1. We headed out for breakfast and shopping. Love book sales! Left Harris with basketful of books! 

2. Headed out to meet the Devilz and at that point, Ollie finally succumbed to her first proper nap of the day. 

3. Had dinner with the Devilz and Grace at Marche. Always love our monthly catching up! 

4. Drove back at 2200h to fetch Laogong. And Ollie decided that she wants to watch a particular video. How to change the video when I'm driving! And well, this was what happened. Major meltdown just because eof a video. 

5. Finally, finally. Everyone in the house is asleep! Me time! And I guess several sleepless nights.  (I don't have the stamina to finish it in one seating!) I put back the B&J after the photo. Decided to be sane and made a hot cup of green tea instead (Haha, boring!) 

Thankful for a great day and can't wait for another great day ahead! 

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