Friday, May 6, 2016

Shoo, Fever, Shoo!

Battling fever is not fun. On Thursday morning, 3am, Ollie suddenly woke up to latch. I felt her body and it was warm, no, it was hot! I took her temperature and it was 38.8! She latched many times between 3am to 8am. Decided to feed her paracetamol and luckily all was well then. 

All was well through the day but there was a fever spike at 8pm again. I'm the high-needs-kan-chong-spider mama. I was so worried. At 10pm when I took the temperature again, it was 37.7. We decided not to feed paracetamol again. (We're in the camp of letting me know the body fight the fever on its own, unless it goes beyond 38. Fever after all is a good indication of the immune system functioning to fight off infection. Disclaimer: NOT DISCUSSING ANYTHING pertaining to this topic. No judging.) Took Ollie's temperature through the night till about 3am this morning and I concussed, the temperature was between (vaguely remember) 37.3 to 37.7/8. This morning, the temperature range went below 37! Yeah! We did it! Ollie did it! 

Still, the kan-chong-spider me don't dare to let loose. Will still monitor through the day and tonight. I hope it is nothing but just because the molars are all coming out. Truly a molar-explosion! Fever always scares me, especially when Ollie had dengue fever before! Praying hard that all will fine and there is no fever spike again tonight. 

Since it's a stay-home-to-rest (play) kind of day, we shall still play dress-up!
I'm so tired but thankful that Laogong took over Ollie for an hour earlier on to let me have a massage.

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