Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hello Disneyland Again!

Other than work, MAIN HIGHLIGHT of our HK trip (for laogong) was to eat (and let Ollie try): smelly beancurd, roasted pigeon and snake soup. I only allowed Ollie to try the beancurd.

We almost got our flight's timing wrong but well, 
we realised our mistake on time! Phew!
We woke up super early because we were hungry!
Had breakfast at the lounge even though we'll be served
breakfast onboard.
I was glad also that Ollie slept half of the flight!
Love HK MTR system, we basically could take the train
everywhere. Everywhere is so connected!
Checked in and headed out to eat immediately,
Dorsett is a good place to stay.
Many good food places around, and most importantly,
Mcd and a supermarket are just across the street!
Went to Thousand Buddhas Monastery to make merit.
The walk up was challenging, even more challenging because 
I had to Tula Ollie all the way! 

I look pretty much the same in all the pictures because ... 
I only packed one cardigan.
I did bring two bags though,
so there is a slight variety. 

We visited DisneyLand for two days!
All for Ollie.
Her favourite has to be the Small World ride.
It was really boring for us!
Again, all for Ollie!
This is Ollie's second DisneyLand visit.
The first was in Paris.
I still find the one in Florida the best!
We have to go back to USA!
She didn't really fancy taking pictures with the mascots.
She did get excited and waved and waved but
when it was her turn, she cried and refused!

If anyone notices, Ollie loves to put up one finger!
Whenever I tell her, "Pose, Ollie, pose," 
she will do that!

Definitely two well spent days in DisneyLand!

Other things that we did:
We went to work with laogong and visited
some swimmers with him.
We fought our first dim sum war and had yummy dim sum at
Thanks to Ollie, she helped us conquer all the grumpy folks
by smiling at them, shaking their hands. 

Of course, we also went shopping!
We finally had laogong's favourite pigeon at
Yet another great trip!
Every trip is fabulous!

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