Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day Out in Town

With a stroke of luck, there were some changes in Laogong's schedule and he was able to make it to town with us for some shopping and lunch with the pals.
After our 海底捞 lunch, we did some shopping. Bumped into Xinyi! Been so long since I last saw her!
The pals decided on 海底捞because most of us have yet to try it! It is nice but I am happy to have my 十里坊! We also had Lady M's famous crepes. They were yummy!
After the first half of the day, Ollie and I headed to Ion to meet Cyn and Mermaid for the usual shopping and dinner. Lovely day ended with Laogong coming back to fetch us home.
Home Sweet Home!
(Ollie as usual, making herself at home, anywhere.)

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