Friday, June 10, 2016

Precious Smiles and Laughter

What a wonderful sight! Headed to school with S to fetch Scarlett. I'm not quite sure if Ollie understood when I told her, "Let's go fetch Scarlett!" It was so so so, I don't quite know how should I put it, but it was so happy to see Scarlett beam and smile so widely when she saw Ollie in school to fetch her. Absolutely priceless.
(Haha, maybe especially emo, because I have just finished Danielle Steel's Friends Forever where she wrote about five childhood friends growing up together.) I think Ollie and Scarlett are blessed to have each other. I also think they are lucky to have the friendship of other 'behs' since birth! And of course the precious mamas/tjbs' friendship!
Hiya! I am just super emo / happy / touched to see the two BFFs in such smiles and laughter.
Can't wait for our family date this Friday!
One more of Ollie! 
I love her in this outfit!

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