Tuesday, June 28, 2016

They're YOUR Kids. She is OUR Kid.

Was watching/listening (to) Sam Sorbo's and some other homeschooling videos and shopping for some homeschooling material for myself and Ollie. That was how the title came about - They're YOUR Kids is a book by Sam Sorbo. A lot of videos / material are based on and from various countries / beliefs / syllabus. I usually watch / learn and pick up relevant points, never wholesale.

Being an ex-teacher, I know how hard (most/many) teachers work for our children. I'm not going to talk about schools in Singapore or anywhere. I'm not going to talk about how good I am. I'm just reflecting about the day, thinking about what Ollie had taught me today.

One thing I can resonate with many homeschool educators - I want to spend more time with Ollie. I want to be more influential in her life than the school teachers or her peers. Being her parents, I think I rather she learn from me then end up having thoughts like "Must be influenced from her teacher, must have picked up (this habit) from her friends." Often, parents think that they have taught their child many things, I think, Ollie has taught me many things. 

Ollie loves to feed the fishes at the lake near our taman and also when we go back to SG, at the little pond in the estate.

She tried to take off her own shoes.

Ollie teaches me patience, creativity, etc...
Today, she taught me courage/bravery.
I knew she really wanted to climb up those bars
and at the same time, I'm really worried she might fall.
She is OUR kid.
I have to allow her to be brave and then gain confidence so that she will learn what exactly is being brave and having confidence.
From her, I learn to be brave and have confidence in her too.
Thank you, Ollie.

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