Saturday, July 2, 2016


The other day, Miss L was asking / discussing about how we feel about friendship, and certain types of friends. It was quite concluded that as we age gracefully, we also learn to let go. If others don't bother, there is no need to get upset.

(My BFF in my made-with-love blouse!)

I still remember, I used to have good friends, who simply made their choice and take things for granted. In my younger days, I chose to be upset and angry (because every relationship I have with people, I put in effort) and thus, let the friendship go. Nowadays, being more mature, I guess, no need to get upset anymore, but still, I will choose to let the friendship go. Life is too precious to hang on to negativity or anger or people who are maybe really not so worth the time. Especially when it comes to relationship, family, friends, loved ones, nothing and no one should be taken granted for. Maybe sometimes, they feel that we are not deserving friends or are not so interesting anymore.

Well, let's hang out with happiness and be thankful for everything good!
Happy Weekend!

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